Global Learning

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At Kirkoswald CE Primary we endeavour to model and nurture behaviour that is consistent with the Christian and British values by which we seek to live as global citizens. Similarly, we strive to inspire the enthusiasm to discover, explore and understand the world, and the people we travel through it with, every single day.

This demands a curriculum that nurtures spiritual, moral, social and cultural development by providing opportunities for expressing imagination and creativity; reflection; awareness of self; the impact of our actions on others and respect for other faiths and cultures globally.

Through regular ‘Philosophy 4 Children’ sessions children develop the thinking and questioning skills that underpin their global learning across the curriculum. Each term we plan for children to tackle global questions in the following key areas:

  • Natural - These are questions about the environment – energy, air, water, soil, living things and their relationships with each other. These questions are also about the ‘built’ as well as the ‘natural’ environment.
  • Economic - These are questions about money, trading, aid, ownership, buying and selling.
  • Social - These are questions about people, their relationships, their traditions, culture and the way they live.
  • Who decides? - These are questions about power, who makes choices and decides what is to happen, who benefits and loses as a result of these decisions and at what cost.