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KS2 Assessment Results - Summer 2022

Results from Year 6 assessments are as follows:

Average Progress

Reading Test  +5.3
Writing Teacher Assessment -1.6 
Maths Test +3.0

Average Scaled Scores

Reading Test - 112
SpaG Teacher Assessment- 110
Maths Test - 110

Percentage achieving expected standard

Reading Test - 100%
Writing Teacher Assessment - 84%
SpaG Test - 92%
Maths Test - 100%

Percentage achieving a high level of attainment

Reading Test - 32%
Writing Teacher Assessment - 16%
SpaG Test- 8%
Maths Test - 32%

Pupil Premium Funding Impact

We have a designated member of staff to support children who are in receipt of free school meals.

Letter from Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP

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