Our Curriculum

Curriculum Aims

The curriculum is the means by which we develop the potential of all the pupils at Kirkoswald C of E School.

We pride ourselves upon our creative curriculum using contexts for learning to deliver the National Curriculum. Staff have an in depth knowledge of the programmes of study for each curriculum area and the curriculum is mapped to ensure coverage. We operate a two yearly cycle of topic themes, to cater for mixed aged classes, delivering the curriculum through themes such as, World War II, Solve It and Get Going. Thought is given to themes so that they link to occasions happening on a local, national and global scale and the children are involved in establishing the emphasis and focus in order to ensure their involvement from the onset.

Children are familiar with working practically in mathematical and scientific situations to maximise their enquiry and problem-solving skills. Independence is encouraged and children are responsible for accessing their own equipment which is stored in clearly labelled and colour coded containers for ease of use. They have ownership of and file their own work developing a keen sense of pride in what they do. They are then actively involved in the selection of work for their Record of Achievement which is used to celebrate all childrens’ successes and is built upon throughout their entire primary experience, providing a detailed record of the progress of each child.

Children are taught in a variety of groups, have established talk partners and different teaching styles are adopted to suit the needs of classes, groups and individuals. Lessons have focused objectives and success criteria for learners are established.

Contexts for Learning 2014 - 2016

Autumn Spring Summer
Cumbria Read All About It Go Green
Festivals Work It Out Going for Gold

Curriculum Subjects

Subjects covered within our curriculum are:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Computing
  • History
  • Geography
  • Languages (KS2 only)
  • Design & Technology
  • Music
  • Art & Design
  • PE/Games
  • R.E.
  • Personal, Social & Health Education
  • Citizenship

These follow the guidelines from the National Curriculum Document. Teachers adapt and invent new schemes or work to fit the chosen contexts for learning keeping teachers and children interested.

Computing Facilities

The School currently has the facility of ten wireless laptops with Broadband Internet Access. The School has also recently upgraded its Information Technology (IT) to incorporate ten new computers and a library/resource area. The children have received the Cumbrian Gold Standard for their computing work. Interactive whiteboards are installed in all teaching spaces and staff are trained in their use. iPads have been introduced into each class to trial during 2013/14.