School meals, at the current price of £2.40 per day, are provided from the kitchen at nearby Lazonby School. They are transported across from Lazonby by Cumbria Catering Service and served in school. If a child is going to be late, please let us know in order that the meal is not cancelled for that day. Children may also bring packed lunches.
Parents who wish to check the eligibility of their children to receive free meals should not hesitate to contact Childrens Services Department at Carlisle, or the school, for further information. More information is also available from the Cumbria County Council website here.
Children should bring their dinner money into school weekly on a Monday morning in an envelope with their name on it. If wished, dinner money may also be paid half termly in advance. Cheques should be made payable to “Cumbria County Council”.
Copies of menus are available and on display in the school reception or can be viewed below ...